As well as a standard range we specialise in the supply of custom-built, hydraulic cylinders for a variety of industries and can supply custom hydraulic cylinders for any application imaginable.

​ If your hydraulic cylinder requirements are for small quantities (one-time or repetitively) or short lead times, we can accommodate your needs.

For larger quantities, our precision and repeatability is second to none.

JOE hydraulic OWNS drawing and product rights for many unique cylinders products. We supply these quality cylinders according to original design and specifications.

​ ​We have almost limitless scope when it comes to innovation and design flexibility. Whatever kind of custom hydraulic cylinder you need – from a single acting rod cylinder to telescopic hydraulic cylinder – for any application, we will tailor-make cylinders specifically for you.

Specials are our Standard!

JOE hydraulic is a recognized designer of highly engineered cylinder solutions and is a manufacturer of a standard range of cylinders for hydraulic applications. We engineer many unique "specials" for very demanding applications over a wide range of markets and industry segments. ​

​ Our main strength, however, is in the design, manufacture and supply of cylinders for the demanding marine,paper mill,steel plant applications. ​

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